Escape the Rush, Travel to Canada

As a former “Worker bee” I know what it’s like to feel completely bogged down by the stress of everyday life. It’s not a pleasant feeling. I was fortunate enough to realize this early on, and have since made some radical changes into finding out what makes me tick. In general I believe it’s travel, music, family and friends, however I’m sure there’s a few more things in between each of those that helps makes my clock spin.

At this stage in my life I’m trying to see as much of Canada as possible. Over the last couple years I’ve been traveling off and on, particularly through Canada. The thing I’ve noticed most, is that Canada is remote. It’s no “island in the middle of nowhere”, but if you’re looking for an escape from the rat race or from the life you’ve built, traveling Canada can be a great escape.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, and with only ~33 Million people residing in this massive landscape, it doesn’t take long to find yourself completely secluded for miles (or kilometers) in any direction. Take Saskatchewan, the province I grew up in and proudly call my home. This oddly shaped province is roughly the size of France, but with 1/60th the population. If you’re driving through the country, it’s hard not to find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

Saskatchewan isn’t completely unique in this sense. The majority of Canada resides in the southern portions of the country. The further North you go, the fewer people you will find. I’m not a very spiritual person, but there is something surreal in knowing that no matter how loud you scream, nobody will hear you. It’s a calming thought knowing that there are still places on this big blue rock we call Earth that remain untouched, unchanged, unreformed by the 7.5 Billion people living on it.

They say that the easiest way to find yourself is to be alone. Travel to Canada and find out for yourself. Get out of the metropolitan centers. Leave your car. Leave your habits, your hobbies, yourself, and look within. It can be an overwhelming experience for those who have never attempted. Take 30 minutes out of your lifetime, and feel something new.Do something new. Experience parts of the world you’ve never seen. Canada’s the perfect fit.

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